Can You Golf With A Hernia? (What You Must Know)

Golf is often seen as a leisurely game. But with the fast, intense, and powerful movements involved in driving the ball, someone with a hernia might want to think twice before stepping onto the golf course. 

But for your love and hunger for this sport, is it worth the risk? Can you golf with a hernia? 

For a golfer who has suffered a hernia, I will say it depends on the severity of the hernia injury and what your doctors recommend. 

Golfing is a strenuous game, and fitness plays an integral part. So for someone with an actual hernia (not a sports hernia), it is possible to continue playing but should take precautions not to aggravate the injury.

Now, let’s quickly learn more about this below!

Can You Golf With A Hernia?

I want to clarify that a sports hernia isn’t the same as a hernia. Sports hernia are athletic pubalgia —a tear to the tendon, muscle, or groin that causes severe pain. It is often due to repetitive and forceful twists of your pelvis. 

They are treatable with physical therapy, medication, or surgery. And yes, you can play with a sports hernia anytime soon. 

But for an actual hernia, it is best left until your recovery days are over. 

By respecting the doctor’s recommendation and letting the injury heal completely, you lower the chances of a recurring hernia. 

If I have a relatively minor hernia, shouldn’t I play? 

For a hernia that isn’t ripe for surgery yet, you can play with it. But is it worth putting your health on the line? 

Let’s find out!

How Long Should You Wait To Play Golf After Hernia Surgery?

After a successful hernia surgery, I know you will be buzzing to return to the greens. But you MUST be patient before resuming any vigorous exercise like sport. 

Of course, I can’t tell you when. But judging from my previous encounter, doctors usually permit up to three weeks of rehabilitation. However, doctors will clearly note that SAFER takes up to six or eight weeks. 

Bruh! Two months feels like an eternity not being able to play golf!

Yes, it is. But we are talking about health. 

And the reason medical professional advise following through with long-term recovery is not to reduce the likelihood of aggravating the injury, which results in another surgery.

While modern hernia surgery is more efficient, safe, and completed within a day, it is preferable to avoid provoking the injury just to return to the hospital to spend more money. 

Within 24 to 48 hours after discharge, you will experience discomfort and pain in the abdomen and throughout your body.

But as the days pass, it will gradually subside. 

After the recommended two weeks are met, you can take up light exercises like walking or swimming. 

This allows your body to slowly but readjust to intense exercise.

Patience is key with a hernia.

Can You Play Golf With A Hiatal Hernia?

Generally, golf is considered a light sport for a hiatal hernia injury. Hiatal is quite a different hernia. A lot of golfers with this sort of hernia are comfortable playing golf. Although, your case could be different. 

This is why consulting with your doctor before engaging in any physical activity like golf is critical because you could aggravate the injury. 

Mostly you will be told to avoid exercises that could strain the abdominal muscles, like crunches and sit-ups. You should also be wary of lifting heavy weights like carrying a golf bag, as it can worsen the hernia. 

Will Playing Golf Aggravate My Hernia Injury?  

Chances are slim that playing golf will put more pressure on a hernia injury. But since there is a likelihood, it is possible. 

This is imminent for pro golfers who exert enormous physical power into each swing, as those intense movements could aggravate the injury. 

It isn’t worth the risk! 

You should adhere to your specialist’s recovery window before returning to the course, starting with fair practice rounds. 

Walking your way up to your regular golf routine is the right call. Not only does it ease your way back to the game, but it also checks SAFELY for any unusual pain.

Conclusion: Can I Play Golf With A Hernia?

After a successful surgery and you are back on the golf course if you are still experiencing constant discomfort, stop playing immediately. 

If you persist, it will likely result in another surgery. 

It is best to abstain from intense or sudden movement while playing to avoid triggering the hernia. 

Even though the pain is mild, respect it. 

Experts advise checking in with your doc before the injury escalates. So if you constantly get negative feedback from the surgery, see the doctor.

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