Can You Play Golf With 5 Players? (Expert Opinion)

Can you play golf with 5 players?

Fivesome isn’t a game we see much on the golf course —at least not as three and foursome. 

That is because most golf courses DO NOT allow it. Even amongst us golfers, we don’t like fivesome since it slows down the pace of play. 

Four hours plus of the foursome is already enough. Adding an extra player to the mix won’t help anyone pay faster. 

But what can I say? Different golf courses and golfers have different attitudes towards fivesomes. 

YES, it is playable. But you must find a golf course with like-minded golfers for it. 

Can You Play Golf With 5 Players?

Absolutely! Although, I am not a big fan of it. But I have witnessed some engaging golf games with Fivesome. And if I’m being honest, I was drooling over it. 

Undoubtedly, most golf courses don’t pay for a five-player game because it is time-consuming. Fiver golfers will have to take turns playing each hole. This will slow down play on the course, causing backups and bottlenecks. 

Riding carts is one of the major drawbacks of this game. 

In a foursome, players will pair two per cart. A total of two carts is needed. However, three carts are required for a fivesome with only one rider left to one.

But if you still want to play —you have four motivated buddies willing to play in the same group —there are ways to make it fun. First, have some courtesy. Call the pro shop ahead to know if they allow fivesomes. 

If they say ‘yes,’ don’t play a regular round of golf. Instead, you can mix it with other fun games that create extra energy during the round. 

Have you heard of two-cart or games?

Below, I will show you some of the best five-person games you can try on an approved golf course.

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Popular Golf Games For Five Players

1. Two Carts

As the name suggests, you can only have two carts.  Usually, a fivesome requires three carts. But that is not the rule. 

There are only enough seats for four golfers. On the first hole, all five of you will tee off —each will play their balls and add up their shots. 

The standard stroke play rules apply in this game. 

And at the end of the hole, one of you will have to walk to the next hole while the other ride in the cart. And that is the golfer with the highest number of strokes. 

Nobody wants to be that player, and that makes it fun.   

2. Round Robin

Round Robin is another fantastic five-golfers game to try. For those high handicappers, it is nothing like the two carts. So you won’t be walking to the next hole.

Instead, the matchup changes every three or six holes, preventing one team from dominating the entire round of golf. 

The game is three golfers vs two. 

Once every three or six holes are met, a re-pair happens. 

The group can rotate changes by taking turns spinning a tee. And whoever the tee point to is your partner. This part is similar to the wolf game. In Round Robin, you must keep up with your score and the number of matches you win.

At the end of the round, there could be only one winner —and that title goes to the golfer with the most wins.

3. High vs. Low

High vs. Low is popular with a foursome but can also be played by a group of five. 

This is how the game is played: 

It is two scratch golfers against three highest handicappers. The game is fair enough, since the players with handicaps get an extra shot. 

Follow the ball scramble format while recoding your score after each hole. 

And if one team is consistently winning, you can switch the teams up a bit after nine holes. 

This way, the game stay fun and competitive.

4. Stableford

This one is for scratch golfers or low handicappers. Stableford doesn’t follow the traditional stroke play but has its scoring system. 

Let me give you a heads-up: 

A bogey gets you one point; pars count as two; birdies score you three; eagles count you four; albatross is worth 5 points. 

The gameplay doesn’t penalize the golfer as much after a lousy stoke —they just won’t get any points for that hole. 

Meanwhile, the golfer with the highest score is declared the victor. 

Another nice thing about the Stableford is its versatility. 

The group can either make it “every-player-for-themselves” or “ team up in 3 vs. 2 format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play golf with 5 players?

No, the standard golf rules only allow for groups of 1-4 players.

Why can’t you play golf with 5 players?

The rules of golf are designed to ensure that the game is played fairly and efficiently. Allowing 5 players on the course would slow down play and disrupt the flow of the game.

What happens if you play golf with 5 players?

If you play with 5 players, you risk being asked to leave the course or being penalized for slow play.

Is there an exception to the rule of playing golf with 4 players?

Yes, there is an exception to the rule of playing golf with 4 players. Some courses may allow 5 players if they have special permission from the course management and if there are no other groups waiting to play.

Can you play a scramble with 5 players?

No, a scramble is a format of play that is designed for teams of 2-4 players. Playing with 5 players would not be in the spirit of the game and would likely lead to confusion and slower play.

Note: It’s important to always check the specific rules and regulations of the golf course you are playing on before starting your round.


Besides these five-player games, you still have the Wolf, Ghost, Best Ball Scramble, and Captain’s Choice, which are all outstanding golf games for larger groups. 

Instead of playing a standard round of golf, you can save yourself the tired complaints and woe-is-me defeatism by engaging the entire group.

But as I said, the golf course must approve five-player games before you can proceed with them. 

You don’t want to violate the course’s rules and regulations to avoid embarrassment.

Have fun golfing!