Can You Use 2 Controllers On Golf With Friends? (Hidden Truth)

Can you use 2 controllers on Golf With Friends?

This one is controversial! 

There have been many opinions on whether gamers can use 2 controllers on Golf With Friends on the internet. 

Some say it doesn’t support 2 controllers; others say it does. 

But and after playing Golf With Friends (myself), I can beat my chest with ALL certainty that it supports two controllers. 

I tried it on PlayStation, going to settings>>controller and changing the player 2 input to the controller I want to use.

Sometimes, you just have to press the PS button on the controller to make it functional. 

What Is Golf With Friends?

Golf With Friends is a popular mini-golf video game among golfers and gamers.

It was a HUGE hit when it first came out!

It offers lighthearted, solo gameplay and a thrilling multiplayer golf experience that is competitive in various whimsical and challenging courses.

And the brain behind it is an Australian developer: Blacklight Interactive. 

Kudos! They made it interactive with gaming platforms like PC, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Aside from that, the game allows user-generated content — various customizable options, including ball shapes, power-ups, golf courses, outfits, etc. This allows gamers to create and share their custom golf courses with the community.

It is a rare feature that contributes to the replayability and longevity of the game, considering there is always new content to enjoy.

Golf With Friends always features different game modes like hockey, basketball, class mini-golf, and more.

Can You Use 2 Controllers On Golf With Friends?

Of course, you can! Golf With Friends gives room for multiplayer gameplay that supports two controller options. 

That said, you can enjoy game time with families and friends locally — with each player controlling their golf ball with a separate controller.

However, you MUST ensure both controllers stay connected to the gaming console or PC —and, more importantly, recognized by the game. 

And as you start the local multiplayer game, the gaming device will automatically detect the controllers, then assign each player to a controller.

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Does Golf With Your Friends Have a Local Multiplayer?

Yes, it does. Golf With Your Friends does support “local” multiplayer functionality, which provides a social and interactive gaming experience. 

You can challenge friends in the local multiplayer spaces, takes turns, and enjoy rounds of golf on the screen in a more intimate setting.

However, the local multiplayer setting may vary across platforms (PC, XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, etc.).

So have that in mind. 

Is There Split-Screen In Golf With Your Friends?

Split screen is a feature that all multiplayer would kill for. 

The good news is that you can do it in Golf With Friends.

If you scroll through the internet, there are controversies that the game does not support split-screen functionality –- that it ONLY focuses on online multiplayer.

Let’s get one thing straight:

You can attempt the split screen ‘co-op’ function. However, it is not yet available in local multiplayer. 

So there is a split-screen mode, just not in multiplayer. 

Don’t get it twisted; you can still game in local multiplayer but only use one controller and take turns in a “hot-seat” setup.

However, as with other games across different platforms, the game features and updates may change over time. So there still can be hope for a multiplayer-split-screen functionality.

So fingers crossed! 

But when writing this article, there is NO  SPLIT-SCREEN for multiplayer.

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So, in conclusion, YES. You can use 2 controllers on Golf With Friends.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you any tips or heads up on the setup. 

This is because the steps for setting up multiple controllers on a PlayStation vary from PC, Xbox, and whatnot. So it depends on the platform you’re playing on.

But you CAN consult the game’s documentation for setting up multiple controllers. If you can not get it there, check the platform’s instructions.