Can You Use Turf Shoes For Golf? (NO! Here’s Why)

Turf shoes are good, don’t get me wrong. But they CAN NOT steal the show from golf shoes. 

Unlike golf shoes, they are not explicitly designed for this sport which begs the question: can you use turf shoes for golf? 

YES! Turf shoes are qualified for golfing, considering they, too, are comfortable on your feet, lightweight, and have spikes underneath them to provide a solid stance. But they are more of a so-so option — for someone trying to get their foot wet in the game. […just being honest here, man!]

And golfers understand this. 

There is a reason golfers, especially pros, strictly follow the dress code etiquette, including wearing golf shoes. It is because it improves their game in all spheres. 

There is much to put into perceptive, and we will discuss all of that below.

What Are Turf Shoes?

Turf shoes are specialized athletic shoes designed for use on artificial turf surfaces. They typically feature a rubber sole with small rubber studs or patterns to provide traction on the turf without damaging it.

Turf shoes are commonly used in sports such as soccer, football, and baseball where the playing surface may be artificial turf instead of natural grass. They offer better grip and stability compared to regular athletic shoes, making them a popular choice for athletes who play on turf surfaces.

Additionally, some turf shoes may offer extra ankle support and cushioning to help prevent injuries during play.

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Can You Use Turf Shoes For Golf? 

Golf shoes would be the obvious answer to what to wear on your feet. However, if you are just picking up this sport, you can certainly make do with what you have (turf shoes). 

Besides, they provide you with most of the benefits of an actual golfing shoe. So Yeah, they can step in place of golf shoes. 

Although it depends on the golf course you are playing. I’m sure most private courses won’t allow it, even though the turf comes with short stubble rubber studs that won’t harm the greens. 

Low-range or public golf courses would. 

But Golf is a prestige game —probably one of the oldest sports steeped in history (way back 1800s) with values of etiquette that are held and carried onto this era.

The game still upholds its traditional values that ensure golf is appropriately played. And that is what makes a game of golf. So aside from kitting up with smart trousers and polo neck shirts, wearing a pair of golf shoes is also essential if you want to attend a standard course. 

Many beginners and amateurs don’t know these. Pick up this golf; you will have to brush up on your knowledge about the dos and don’ts of this sport so that you can enjoy it. 

In some cases, players might get away with turf shoes and inappropriate dress codes. But to avoid being embarrassed or walked away by any club staff or member, you should always be loyal to the golf rules. 

And if you are too obsessed with your turf boots, you should keep them in your locker at the club. 

As long as you are a member, it is okay. Most golfers do this. It helps them change their muddy golf shoe at the end of a round so they don’t spread dirt across the carpets of the clubhouse. 

You can also save it for practice on artificial surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are turf shoes different from golf shoes?

Turf shoes are athletic shoes designed for use on artificial turf or other hard surfaces. They typically have a flat sole with small rubber nubs or studs for traction. Golf shoes, on the other hand, have a more traditional cleated sole designed specifically for use on grass.

What are the benefits of using golf shoes instead of turf shoes?

Golf shoes are designed specifically for the game of golf and offer several benefits over turf shoes, including better traction on grass, improved stability and support, and increased comfort during long rounds.

Can you wear golf shoes on artificial turf or other hard surfaces?

While golf shoes are designed for use on grass, they can also be worn on artificial turf or other hard surfaces without causing damage to the shoe or the surface. However, it’s best to avoid wearing golf shoes on concrete or other hard surfaces as they can cause premature wear to the cleats.

How do I choose the right golf shoes for me?

When choosing golf shoes, consider factors such as fit, comfort, and style. Look for shoes with a supportive and comfortable sole, a secure fit, and a style that matches your personal preferences.

It’s also important to choose shoes that are appropriate for the conditions you’ll be playing in, such as waterproof shoes for wet weather or breathable shoes for hot weather.


I wouldn’t recommend playing golf with a turf shoe –especially if you are trying to get better at golf. Stick to the rules as ALWAYS being an integral part of the game. And there is a reason for that. 

You must practice and play with the right equipment to reduce your handicap and compete at the highest level. 

A HUGE part of that is sticking to the rules. 

There is no harm in spending a couple of dollars for a pair of golf shoes. Whether it is a spiked or spikeless shoe, they both provide you with the solid foundation needed to make a good swing. 

And I would end with this: 

Every good golfer is a shoe nerd. They are picky with their golf shoes and seem to get only the best. 

You, too, should cultivate such a habit.

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