Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete?

Can you wear golf shoes on concrete?

You, you can wear golf shoes on concrete, but there is always a price to pay.

You can wear spiked golf shoes on concrete but be WARNED it is incredibly uncomfortable. Also, the hardened surface will destroy the spikes.

Fortunately, there are various types of golf shoes, each with its purpose and function.

While the spiked golf shoes are NO GO AREA aside from the greens, you can wear the spikeless version anywhere.

You can even use it to dance the Viennese Waltz on concrete with such great ease and comfort.

Well, throughout this article, we’re going to talk about how these golf shoes behave on concrete and many more. So stay tuned.

Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete?

Let’s start with the spiked golf shoes and concrete

Rocking spiked golf shoes on concrete is probably not a good idea —and I’m certain all experienced golfers are in support of this.

First, you risk the chances of severely hurting your feet. Not to mention ruining your precious spiked shoe — either way, it is a lose-lose.

Even though it is plastic spiked golf shoes, they weren’t designed for walking on concrete either.

All spiked shoes are worn ONLY on the greens.

However, if the situation forces your hands to do otherwise, it is best to remove the spikes.

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This way, you have eliminated the risk of damaging the golf spikes, as well as putting much pressure on your feet, making them look like jello.

Although if you have molded spikes, throwing them in for a short walk across the street is possible.

This is because they are shorter than the standard 3mm attachable spikes.

But always have this at the back of your mind that the rule of thumb is spiked shoes are worn ONLY on the course. Not as if you’ll be sentenced to live.

But if you were to where your golf footwear off the course, let it be spikeless shoes.

Why Spikeless Golf Shoes Are Better

Can You Wear Golf Shoes On Concrete

I know spiked golf shoes are the most preferred for pros and beginners because they offer the best-in-class stability and traction. 

That way, you can perfect your golf swing without the fear of falling on slippery golf courses.

But since we are talking about outside the golf course, spiked has no say here.

Have you read our article on “can you wear spikeless shoes anywhere”? If you have not, don’t hesitate to go check it out immediately after this article.

There, you will get more information related to this topic.

So the reason we said buying spikeless shoes will kill two birds with one stone is because they are highly versatile IN and OUT of the course.

Unless the spiked has no cushioning or whatsoever, spikeless golf shoes are comfortable, stylish (almost like regular sneakers), and versatile.

Spikeless golf shoe comes with a great feel and play. A lot of golfers (pros and amateur alike) NEVER fail to have at least a pair in their golf wardrobe.

It was constructively designed to give your feet the perfect stance that helps your swing while providing luxurious comfort.

There is a myth that spikeless golf shoes don’t offer much grip, but that is only half true.

Most spikeless shoes are engineered to support you in every aspect of your game.

Whether it is stability, durability, or rotational that assists you from back-swing to follow-through, they got you covered.

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Can you wear golf shoes on concrete?

If you have gotten to this point, you must have realized that you can wear golf shoes on concrete, but just spikeless, as they are engineered to.

Again, spiked shoes are off-limit, whether it is plastic spiked.

If you are a beginner and the spiked type is all you have in your wardrobe, it is a good thing.

But if you plan on extending your walk off the greens, I’d suggest you add a spikeless golf shoe to your collection.

You would enjoy them on and off the fairways; it doesn’t matter where your day takes you.