Can’t Hit A Golf Ball All Of A Sudden? (4 Things To Check)

Missing out on the golf ball after several swings is a heart-wrenching experience that could ruin your entire stay on the course.

Admittedly, we DON’T love to miss. Not even ones.

I remembered taking out my side mirror with the club in a fill of range.

Yeah, that’s how bad it is, especially to avid golfers, where it feels like you’re starting to lose out on your golfing abilities.

So if you can’t hit a golf ball all of a sudden, you might be baffled about this sudden meltdown.

Like I’ve said, this happens once in a while, and you’re not alone here. The good news is: it is fixable.

There are a good number of factors to put into perspective that will surprisingly improve your game — even if you’re a complete novice.

Why You Can’t Hit A Golf Ball All Of A Sudden

Can't Hit A Golf Ball All Of A Sudden

1. Vision Issues

If you don’t have a clear vision, you are better off not even taking the club back, considering you risk the chance of missing out completely on the golf ball. 

Poor sight on the ball will make you miss!

As a result, some players love wearing sunglasses or special glasses to help them see the ball.

Golf is an exciting sport that requires hand-eye coordination. Therefore, ensure the glasses are properly fit and allow you full sight.

2. Setup

Going back to the board isn’t shameful; it is wisdom.

Your setup might be wrong. And if it is, you are bound to lose your golf swing.

Setup is probably the most underrated, yet one of the leading causes of bad shots —where you either miss out woefully or the ball scuffs along the grass.

If you’ve ever tried hitting with driver and later a mid-iron without making any satisfying shot, well, that’s a telltale sign your setup requires the proper adjustment.

Here is what to do:

First, and it’s imperative. Adjust the clubface square behind the ball, then take a firm stance wider than your shoulders. And start with the Driver.

With your weight 50-50, you head behind the ball, the shaft neutral, not leaving backward or forward; try hitting the ball off your front heel.

We both know a golf swing setup varies according to the type of player as well as the type of shot you’re trying to make.

But with these cues, chances are high you won’t miss.

3. Grip

 A firm yet flexible grip is a blissful connection with the golf club.

And since it is the ONLY location that attaches us to the golf club, how you hold the grip will also determine the success of your shot.

Hence, if your hold is lame, it could cause a sudden loss of your golf swing.

Whenever you can’t seem to make a good shot, immediately check for grip and setup.

Try as much as you can to get your grip back as close to the neutral position.

Moreover, all golfers need to understand the ethics of a weak, neutral, and string grip.

4. Swinging Way Too Hard

This is also a capital issue. Your obsession to overly avoid a Fat Shot and getting an ace [pardon my golfing slangs, but we are all golfers here] might drive you to swing the club too hard.

And swinging too hard might get you to start missing the golf ball.

Ever tried stoning too hard at a target right at your face but missing stupidly?

You are likely to experience the same on the course.

Swinging too hard does not help you in any way become a better player.

So when next you see professional golfers swinging the club swiftly, don’t be fooled.

They aren’t trying to kill the ball; rather, they focus on increasing the speed of the clubhead correctly. And this requires a little practice.

You can do this with the help of a friend inspecting each swing while you are pitching and chipping.


So, in conclusion, these are a few bases you can make amends for if you can’t hit a golf ball all of a sudden.

I have also noticed a golf injury might as well be a factor since making a golf swing puts quite a pressure on a few muscles and body parts like hands, fingers, shoulders, or knees.

You might have pain and subconsciously protect yourself from imparting more on it. This may cause you to slow down on a swing or change the angle slightly.

So remember to stretch before around—warm up your body and muscles with some casual exercises.

Lastly, you can’t afford to lose balance as it is the backbone of every swing.

I do rehears on my balance almost daily. And I have seen most professional golfers doing so.

To have the right backswing, swing within yourself, trying to get the weight transfer under control.

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