Can You Use Any Double Sided Tape To Regrip Golf Clubs?

If you look over a certified fitter’s shoulder when regripping your clubs, you will most likely notice they ALWAYS use double-sided tape coated in a permanent adhesive. And that is because it provides good tack between the grip and the golf club. 

But can you use any double sided tape to regrip golf clubs?

No doubt that doubled side tape is always best. But not all are built the same. Many golfers complain their grip isn’t nearly up to the quality they want, even after using double-sided tape.

So we went through loads of options for the best golf grip tapes and handpicked the most promising in this article.

Can You Use Any Double Sided Tape To Regrip Golf Clubs?

As I said, not every double-sided tape will give you the desired regrip result or feel. Results will ALWAYS vary since different brands have different ways of producing. 

But either way, you could stick to any golf grip tape compared to the so-so alternative like scotch tape, Masking tape, or even double-sided duct tape used to tack between your golf club and your golf grip.

The reason is that Golf grip tapes are designed for this function to ensure your grips’ longevity. But keep in mind that width and thickness always play a significant role. 

Some golfers use ¾ inch or 2 inches of double-sided grip tape to regrip golf clubs, then wrap them in a spiral formation.

If the tape is too thick, it will be challenging to lap the grip over the shaft — and as we know, it is better to leave a bit of shaft bare of tape to have that real connection with the golf club.

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Do You Have To Remove Old Golf Grip Tape?

Of course, you will always remove the old, silky, worn-out golf grip tape stuck to the shaft. This gives a good foundation for the new grip tape to thrive. 

And most golfers often struggle with this when trying to re-gripping their clubs. But there are several ways to go about this. 

Some people use the heat seal method. But I recommend something as simple as a hairdryer or a heat gun. Rule out any thought of using a propane torch on the shaft, especially if it is graphite. 

So first, heat the old grip tape a little bit just to soften it. Keep the heat gun on a constant move, hovering around the tape. 

Once it gets hot enough, you should be able to rip it off with your bare hands. It doesn’t need you to break a sweat. This step is a lot easier than trying to scrape it off. 

If it fails to come off or stays on the shaft intact, scrape it with a commercial tape scraper or a kitchen knife. Applying some heat will also help accelerate the removal process before scrapping. 

The situation with OPM clubs where they have skinny tape on that looks like nothing on the shaft; you can’t scrape it off. Trying to keep or install the new tape on the old one feels like a mess.

But because it is so thin, it won’t add to the thickness of the grip, so you can just tape over it. 

And that is it! 

Best Golf Grip Tape

We stormed into the market in search of the best golf grip tapes. And this is what we found: 

1. Brampton Golf Grip Tape Strips

You can’t discuss the best golf grip tape without mentioning Brampton’s. They produce the best-of-the-best grip tape strips. And we are not just talking about quality in production —these tapes are the most affordable in the golf industry. 

It is taking the market by storm as sales keep skyrocketing. One of the most compelling features of Brampton’s grip tape is it is more forgiving in installation. 

You can’t go wrong with the double-coated 3.5-impregnated crepe paper on this Solvent Based tape.


Available in multiple sizes

It is very forgiving to use

Made of quality

It is the most cost-effective tape


Complains are that it works well with their solvent or mineral spirits

2. Dynacraft Professional Grip Tape

The Dynacraft Professional Grip Tape offers unmatched quality. It goes head-to-head with the Brampton Golf Grip Tape, but slightly as you can regrip up to 125 golf clubs. 

It is SO economical, yet affordable. But that doesn’t dent its integrity in terms of quality. 

This grip tape is 2″ wide x 36-yard roll and is sticky on both sides. You only apply it lengthwise on the shaft, then activate it with solvent. On top of that, they are relatively easy to use and forgiving.


It is pocket-friendly

Sticky on both sides with good length

It offers a very forgiving installation

Can grip up to 125 golf clubs


Some users complain of overlap

3. Intertape 591 Premium Grip Tape

Intertape has over 15 years of spotless reputation —you can’t ignore that fact!

They are a popular name in the golf manufacturing industry, so their golf club grip products are always one to look for. The 2A wide x 36-yard roll is much thicker than the competition’s. 

Aside from that, the grip tape is easy to install and remove when regripping —thus saving you time and money. 


Used quality, last-longing material

Easier to install and remove 

Double-sided adhesive on both sides

Very versatile tape for both machine or hand application


It’s pricier compared to others

4. Wedge Guys Grip Tape

Another top-notch grip tape is Wedge Guys’ Professional Quality Golf Grip Kit. This product saves you money and time. Their grip tapes are famous, so don’t get misled by another faulty product and cheaply made goods, while you can just get quality at such affordable prices. 

Unlike most grip tapes, Wedge Guys’ comes in a kit. You have 15 – 2″ x 10″ Golf Grip Tape Strips, 5 Ounces of Golf Grip Solvent, and a Rubber Vise Clamp —everything you need to regrip successfully. 

And one purchase guarantees you 15 golf clubs from the comfort of your home. 


Best value for money

You can regrip up to 15 golf clubs with it

Easy to install and remove


It might not always be available

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You CAN NOT use any double-sided tape to regrip golf clubs. However, you can use any of the above-recommended golf grip tapes.

We have personally tried and tasted these products. And I must say the results were as expected –SATISFACTORY. 

You just have to make your choice. Either of them will get the job done.