Golf Spikes Won’t Come Out? (Try These Tricks)

Wondering why golf spikes won’t come out?

Sometimes when we try to lose our spikes, it seems stuck — strenuously stuck that even a spike wrench might not get it out on the first try.

And this happens due to prolonged use.

Whether it is a severely stuck or immovable golf shoe spike, you are at the forefront of getting a solution today.

This trick I’m about to show you works miraculously well on even the most uncompromising spikes, without causing any damage to the sole with drills or whatsoever.

The best part is it doesn’t require you to break the sweat!

Here’s What to Do If Golf Spikes Won’t Come Out

Usually, a stuck spike has gone rogue and will need replacement.

And the Golf spike wrench is made EXACTLY for this purpose.

But whenever the golf spikes are stubborn, we might have to break out the big tool (drill) for minor invasive surgery.

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So let’s begin.

Tools You’ll Need For The Job

  • Shallow pan
  • Water (could be hot)
  • Spike wrench
  • Lubricating grease ( WD 40)
  • pliers or vice grips
  • Drill

You don’t necessarily need all of these requirements at once for the procedure. The more serious it seems, the more advanced tools you will need — in progression.

Method 1: Use water and spike wrench

Golf Spikes Won't Come Out

Your first trial is using ordinary water and the spike wrench to get it out.

Sounds super easy, right?

Yes, it is, yet effective enough to loosen up bullheaded spikes that seem not to go out until Jesus comes.

And this is my favorite. A lot of pros golfs use this trick as well.

What were you expecting that they should be doing the most?

Just set out enough water in a shallow pan — enough to reach up to the level of the spike.

Then let it soak up to 15 minutes. Because from what I’ve noticed, dried dirt (could be rust) is what’s preventing them from coming forth.

So after soaking them good and applying the spike wrench, they should.

If only a few spikes came off nice, running the rest under HOT water for an additional 10 to 15 seconds is another trick that will get them out.

I love placing a towel (rolled) under the shoe for leverage.

Method 2 : Try other means

Unfortunately, if some spikes are still comfortably sitting in the receptacle on your shoe, they require additional steps to remove them.

Some stuck spikes can be a real pain in the ass.

But that doesn’t imply the only answer is in the trash can. You can still replace it and enjoy a firm stance with your old shoe.

Just follow my lead:

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Step 1: Assemble Your Materials

Abandon your shallow pans filled in hot water.  

Pick up a WD40 and begin to spray it on the stuck spike or spikes receptacles — in a considerable amount to lube the spike but not so much that it drips off.

The reason we chose WD 40 is that they are the best at freeing sticky mechanisms, helping release stuck, frozen, or rusted metal parts.

Step 2: Utilize The Spike Wrench

Let the spike be drenched with the WD40 in the receptacles before applying the spike wrench.

Make sure it fits before twisting it in both clockwise and counterclockwise manners with some elbow grease so the spike could lose up.

Step 3: It Is Time To Get The Drill Out!

If after using the wrench and the spike isn’t at the ejection point, leave it for the big boy: drill.

What you want to do is to drill a little hole into the spikes slowly. DO NOT drill through the sole.

The goal is NOT to damage the sole, so drill a bit so it allows you to insert small-needle-nose pliers or even vice grips into it.

If you can do this as described, they will pop out right off.

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So there you have it, folks, should your golf spikes won’t come out.

Sincerely speaking, it shouldn’t be a thug or war removing spikes from golf shoes because it is something that needs replacement occasionally.

That said, if your spikes are damaged or worn out, it is going to take every bit of your sweat to get it out.

But we recommend starting with method one, and if it doesn’t come out, progress to 2.