How To Remove Spikes From Nike Golf Shoes

We know Nike’s reputation for producing exceptional ‘golf shoes’ is not in doubt. Most of their footwear are sleek designs, giving you the reliable traction and comfort needed to enjoy the game.

However, their cleats are either made of polyurethane or rubber. And this type of spike doesn’t usually last long. Six months and you’re losing traction already.  

When this happens, you need to replace those spikes. 

In this article, we will show you how to remove spikes from Nike golf shoes so you can easily replace them.

Let’s get started!

How To Remove Spikes From Nike Golf Shoes

This technique is so easy even a 12-year old could do it. 

The best part is that it doesn’t require you to break a sweat, use high-end equipment, or have any prior handy knowledge.

Let me show you! 

Tools Required For The Procedure

  • Basin filled with soap and water solution. 
  • Wire Brush
  • WD40 Lubricant 
  • Spike wrench

Step 1: Prep The Cleats For Removal

The first step towards removing the cleats is cleaning them, ensuring no dirt residues and grass particles are left behind. 

Usually, there are two ways to do this; both require you to scrub the bottom of the golf shoes. 

You either dip the brush in the water and soap solution before scrubbing the spikes vigorously until it is spick and span. 

Or just set out the little solution in the basin, well enough to reach up to the level of the spikes. 

Let it soak up to 15 minutes before applying the brush. 

Most pros prefer using HOT water and placing a towel under the shoe for leverage, accelerating the whole process.

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Step 2: Apply A Lubricant Into The Spike’s Receptacle

How To Remove Spikes From Nike Golf Shoes

After the spikes are clean as angels, next is to spray on the stuck spike receptacles with a WD40. 

Do not overspray the solution so much that it drips off; it won’t make any difference.

If you feel you have a better lubricant than WD40, be my guess. 

But we chose the WD40 because they are best known for freeing sticky mechanisms, whether frozen or rusted metal parts. 

Step 3: Utilize Your Spike Wrench

Apply the spike wrench. Ensure it fits nicely. Then keep twisting in both clockwise and counterclockwise manners.

 Apply a bit of elbow grease so the spike could lose up.

Once the spikes are off, CLEAN THE AREA. 

Dirt must have accumulated inside —mainly if you are found playing on a wet course. 

To do this, you will have to dig out the dirt either with the help of a thin metal rod or a divot repair tool. 

After that, clean with a damp towel. 

Step 4: Attach Your New Spikes

The last step is to replace it with the new spikes. 

Use your finger to attach the new spikes to the receptacle. 

Turn it clockwise, one step at a time. Once it is stuck, use your spike wrench to tighten it further. 

That’s it is easy peasy!

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Which Spikes Should I Get For My Nike Golf Shoes?

After removing the spikes from Nike golf shoes, knowing which spike to put right back in is everything. 

Below are some compatible insert systems or spike receptacles and spikes for your Nike footwear. 

  • FAST TWIST 3.0 —most advanced and ideal with either of these spikes: Lunar Control, Air Zoom Direct, Air Zoom Precision, or Lunar Command 
  • SLIM Lok —Slim Lok uses the same spikes as the FT3 insert system. 
  • TRI Lok —Use spikes made for all Nike golf shoe styles from 2010 to 2018 except Air Zoom Precision, the Lunar Control, Lunar Command 2, and Air Zoom Direct, and  
  • PINS INSERT System —ideal for any spikes made for Nike TW 2015 and F2 Premiere.
  • Q Lok — Any spikes designed for Nike golf shoes from 2001 to 2009 will do. 
  • SMALL METAL Thread — excellent on all Nike golf shoes released before 2001

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That’s it! That’s all you need to know about how to remove spikes from Nike golf shoes. But mind you, it will also be helpful knowing there are three different types of cleats. We have metal spikes, rubber spikes, and ceramic spikes.

Metal spike appears to be the most durable and most destructive on the course. While they provide absolute stability, they are the heaviest and can be pretty uncomfortable to walk around with. 

On the other hand, rubber spikes are what most Nike golf shoe uses. They are of polyurethane material and are rock stars all over the industry. On top of that, they are the most flexible and the less expensive amongst the rest. 

CERAMIC SPIKES appear to be the priciest of all. To better describe the ceramic spike, they have lightweight and have better wear and tear, unlike the rubber spikes.