What Is A Cadet Golf Glove? (Well Explained)

I have a question, real quick:

Have you ever tried putting your hands in a pair of golf gloves, and it doesn’t fit nicely?

If YES, I’m guessing two things:

First, you have short hands and broader palms.

Secondly, you are trying the absolute wrong glove, and I think it is a regular glove.

Before you wallow in grief and blame your creator for giving you a relative shorthand, you need to know what is a cadet golf glove.

What Is A Cadet Golf Glove?

The Cadet golf glove is a special kind of glove (different from the regular) designed for people with petite hands — perfect for players with shorter fingers and wider palms.

The truth is in a golf game, one of the sole secrete of improving your swing is investing in a good golf glove.

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It is a game-changer.  

Look at it this way:

The only part of making contact with the club throughout the swing is your hands.

So indeed, the only way you can harness the hidden force of a consistent golf swing is from a firm grip, positioning your fingers right, and your stance.

So while the club will help execute the shot, your golf glove allows you to grip it and protect your hands comfortably.

The goal is to Use what works best for you.

Regular golf gloves are designed for golfers with proportional hands, while cadets are perfect for short fingers and broad palms.

Also, the word “cadet” is often misleading. It does not mean the glove is for the kid.

Both men and women can wear it just that the fingers in the cadet golf gloves are about one-centimetre shorter, and the palm about one-centimetre more expansive than the standard men’s golf glove.

How Do I Know If I Need A Cadet Golf Glove?

It might dawn on you if you take a closer look at the shape of your hand and fingers.

If you notice they are somewhat broad, I recommend running a test to ensure that it might not be evident at first that you need a cadet glove.

Therefore, when shopping for a new golf glove, try on a standard glove along with a cadet glove to see which fits best.

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What Does An Ideal Fit Feel Like?

What Is A Cadet Golf Glove

An excellent fitted glove should feel like a second skin.

I’m talking about lying slightly taut over your palm and around your fingers, in a way that no loose materials are left,

It is true, especially if the glove is PURE leather.

Also, it should give you a maximum grip that allows more control over the club. It should be comfortable.

Not too tight that it doesn’t provide room for adjustment, and not lose either that slides off gradually.

What Glove Is Best Playing In Wet Conditions?

It may sound ridiculous playing golf in the rain than in dry weather. But given the alternative of that or no golf AT ALL. We prefer to get wet every day of the week.

But as we know, golfing in wet weather comes with a lot of challenges. The most common is slipping after a swing and losing control of your clubs because your grips get soaked.

And not all gloves can hand that.

So without the gloves specifically designed for playing in the rain or humid conditions, it will be like trying to hold on to a bar of soap with your wet hands.

Here are a few golf gloves worth inventing in for wet conditions:

  • Cobra StormGrip Rain Glove
  • FootJoy RainGrip Glove
  • Under Armour Storm Rain Glove
  • TaylorMade Rain Control Glove
  • Bionic AquaGrip Wet Weather Glove
  • Srixon Rain Glove
  • Zoom Aqua Control Glove
  • MacWet Climatec Wet Weather Golf Glove


Now you know What a cadet golf glove is, the difference between standard golf glove and cadet, and the cadet suitable for wet Is; you can rest assured of a consistent swing with ease.

Asides, wearing this type of golf glove, you won’t experience any calluses on your hand due to the soft-grip palm technology that prevents skin abrasions.

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