What Wedge To Use Around The Green? (4 Recommendations)

There comes a time in the game when you will need a wedge!

It feels like it is almost inevitable.

I’m talking about critical moments when you will need very high, arching shots to get over a tree or on a big bunker standing between you and the flagstick.

In cases like these, a wedge can go a long way.

They are essential factors in scoring for all golfers because they allow you to manage various lies, control your distance, and hit your intended target.

However, having the right mixture of the wedge at the right moment influences all of this.

So today, I’ll teach you what wedge to use around the green.

What is A wedge?

Wedge is like a specialized subset of the iron lineage of golf clubs that features the heaviest clubheads, highest lofts, and the shortest shafts — for particular use situations.

I refer to circumstances requiring you to get the ball out of a tricky spot or onto the green with an accurate short-distance lob shot for short approaches.

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Furthermore, wedges feature modified soles that assist you in moving the clubhead through sand, think grass, mud, to extract the ball.

You will often hear golfers call them the “scoring clubs.”

 I’m not surprised because the focus with wedges is on ACCURACY — to hit a short shot as closely as possible to the flagstick.

And whenever a player buys a set of golf clubs — there are many clubs included —pitching wedge is one of them.

Now that is not the only wedge available. We have the sand wedges, lob wedges, as well as gap wedges.

And each of these wedges was designed to have various degrees of loft, meant for different purposes.

Below, we will closely look at each of these wedges to know what wedge to use around the green.

What Wedge To Use Around The Green?

What Wedge To Use Around The Green

1.  Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is the lowest-lofted wedge set –the one that shoots the ball the farthest.

The loft of a pitching wedge can be around 42 and 49 degrees.

However, its launch angle and the average carry distance between other sets are relatively similar.

It carries a high-trajectory shot of about 80 to 130 yards (73–119 m) and then bites with a bit of roll after the initial impact. But this depends on your swing, club design, and whatnot.

This wedge can produce approximately (25–45 yd (23–41 m)) short lob or approach shots in response to chipping motion.

And with a putting motion, the pitching club will lift the ball over fringe or rough onto the putting green not too far.

This wedge is handy for a full swing that produces high-altitude shots, such as lifting the ball over trees or approaching the green.

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2. Sand Wedge

Next in line is the sand wedge. You can also call it sand iron –specifically designed for getting out of sand bunkers.

They are golf clubs with the broadest sole, producing more bounce than any wedge.

It is why the sand wedge glides through the sand without digging in.

Aside from extracting the ball from a sand bunker, its features are also helpful in other soft lies like soggy ground, thick rough, or mud.

Additionally, you can use them from firmer grass lies or chips or lobs onto the green.

Most golfers use them as any other short iron would permit. With a full swing, you can hit the ball between 80-100 yards (70–90 m) –but that depends on your skill as well.

3. Gap Wedge

As the name suggests, the Gap wedge’s loft falls in-between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge –between 50 and 54 degrees.

In essence, the gap wedge has more loft than a pitching wedge; and less loft than a sand wedge – make more sense?

A firm swing with a gap wedge shot will travel approximately 90 to 110 yards. That said, they are ideal for use when the shot is too brief for a pitching wedge and too long for a sand wedge shot.

4. Lob Wedge

The lob wedge is the highest-lofted club any golfer could carry. 

A lob wedge helps get the ball into the air quickly –in a very high arc. They are primarily used for shots over obstructions.

The maximum distance a lob wedge could produce is about 70 yards with 60 to 65 degrees of loft.

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Conclusion | Best Wedge Around the Green

I take it by now you might have known what wedge to use around the green.

But we both know it is more than just using the appropriate wedge. It would be best if you had the proper setup as well.

I recommend opting for a wedge that feels very comfortable and easy to use. Hench, before the purchase, practice a few swings – probably hit a few balls with it.